Laser Distance Densors


VOLAS laser sensors are inteded for industrial use in rough surroundings.

Features of the sensors are:

  • High measurement frequency
  • High accuracy
  • Very good temperature stability
  • Highest dynamic range

Technical Data of the VOLAS Sensors

Characteristic Specification
Measurement range 12 mm to 60 mm (different sensors)
Laser power 20 mW, pulsed
Laser class 3B
Wave length of the laser light 405 nm (blue)
Linearity 0,0075% of the measurement range
Temperature stability 0,001% of the measurement range per 1 K
Messurement frequency up to 80 kHz
Exposure control adaptive, dynamic range more than 115 dB
Exposure time 0,25 µs up to 1000 µs
Synchronisation when using several sensors < 1 µs
Protection class sensor IP 65
Connecting cable 1 cable (power and signal), max. length 70 m
Other measurement ranges and dimensions on request.