Electronics Development


Electronic engineering is the key element of each optical sensor. Many ideas of a product have some influence on electronic engineering.

We use state-of-the-art PCB design tools for the development of printed circuit boards. Thus the efficiency and acuracy during the development and maintenance of electronic components is ensured.

Controlled impedance multilayer structures are the basis of most of the printed circuit boards. The small mounting space inside the laser sensors determines the selection of the components and requires a tight placement at optimum use of the available space.

In our development we take into account the current trends of the semiconductor technology. If there are modules or components available which provide the required features and are attractively priced, we are pleased to integrate them into our development. We do not want to invent the wheel for a second time.

For analysis and production of prototypes there are tools available like a soldering station with a stereomicroscope as well as various measuring tools and logic analysers. For serial commissioning we use customized electronics and test programs for automation. Our equipment includes special devices like high-speed photoreceivers with a bandwidth of more than 1 GHz as well as measuring devices for the laser output and network analyzers.