Resistant to Environmental Influences

Commercially available sensors are typically manufactured of light alloy materials (die-cast aluminum). The components inside the sensor are composed of such materials as well. The sensors are light but unfortunately very temperature-sensitive.

VOLAS sensors provide construction features which in combination with temperature-stable materials ensure an extremely low temperature drift.

This results in a temperature stability 10 times better in comparison with other sensor types available on the market.

VOLAS sensors work with a very high measurement frequency of several 10 kHz. Due to this fact, the exposure time of one measuring shot can only be very short. This will be achieved by a powerful diode laser in combination with very short laser pulses. Additionally, there are optical components installed within the sensor's beam path which are specially designed for the wavelength of the used laser light. Light which deviates from this wavelength will not pass through to the detector inside the sensor. Thus the sensor is largely resistant to ambient light.